Hollandia zmrzka: The icing on top of our huge redesign project

The world is changing, but quality ice cream will always be timeless. That’s the message behind our fresh new design for Hollandia zmrzka ice cream range, soon to be coming to the national market. The ice cream’s new look embraces a connection between the past and the present, in merging the modernized naming (“zmrzka”, a casual >>

by — 1 Aug 2016

Hollandia refreshed: the Czech lovebrand’s new look

Hollandia is the yogurt lovebrand adored by consumers across the Czech Republic. While it’s always been known as ‘the best yogurt’ producer in the region, for the past two decades the comparatively outdated packaging was failing to communicate just how great the product is. After winning the tender for the rebrand, over a mere three months >>

by — 10 May 2016

Jar/Fairy redesign goes multi-national

Our big redesign for Jar/Fairy* dishwashing liquid is finally on the shelves in various countries across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Middle East and North African (MENA) regions. The project kicked off in 2014, when Procter & Gamble (P&G) developed a new formula for the dishwashing liquid. They wanted to offer consumers a product more concentrated and effective than the previous one, which >>

by — 18 Jul 2016

A natural facelift for Ožujsko beer mixes

One more time… Ožujsko by Molson Coors, Croatia’s best-selling beer, has always been known as the go-to drink for the nation’s summer parties. Our first collaboration on the brand involved the complete portfolio redesign in 2012, which includes two ranges: the classic core beer, and the fruit-flavored beer mixes. In 2015, when Molson Coors re-evaluated >>

by — 29 Jun 2016

Keeping it cool with Borsodi Friss

The brief Borsodi is the Hungarian brew and the locally best-selling beer brand by Molson Coors, our frequent collaborator at Cocoon. In 2015, the client decided to diversify the positioning between the core range and flavored beers.  They opted to make a twist in the flavored mixes, named Friss, meaning fresh in Hungarian and required new packaging to go along with >>

by — 14 Jun 2016